What is the 1031 Exchange?


The Most Powerful Tool in Real Estate

The short version: It’s a way to “exchange” property while deferring capital gains taxes (I.R.S. §1031) – sell one piece of profit-making real estate and use the proceeds to purchase other profit-making real estate.

Why Choose Visintainer Group for Your 1031 Exchange?

You, Your Family, Your Legacy. You’ve planned, worked tirelessly, and have grown your success. Visintainer Group can help steward your future. We protect your assets with a unique plan unlike any other brokerage, specializing in guiding clients through the complex and time-sensitive process of executing a successful 1031 Exchange. Our team can put together the necessary experienced professionals (accountants, intermediaries and attorneys) required to safely take advantage of this beneficial tax code. The Visintainer Group also locates exchange properties for clients anywhere in the country.

Discover how you can utilize the most powerful process 
in real estate to:

76 Exchanges
$314,989,643 Volume of sales
18 States

Why lose on a property sale when you can gain with a 1031 Exchange? Here’s how…


Decide to exchange properties to defer paying capital gains taxes.


Sell your property.*


Visintainer Group will help you identify a replacement property.


Once the new property is chosen, the qualified intermediary will forward the funds for closing.

*Clock starts on closing: You have 45 calendar days to identify replacement properties and 180 days to complete escrow.
A qualified intermediary holds the funds after escrow is closed.

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